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India as a Powerful Option for MICE- How the Asian Nation Is Making International Waves

August 28, 2019 0 Comment

India has risen like a champion in the International MICE landscape in recent years. Its supercharged introduction fueled by the liberalization and globalization of the economy has given MICE tourism in India the potential to outdo the role of conventional tourism in the upcoming times. 

To many, this South Asian city represents a melange of uncanny cultures, peculiar traditions, beautiful architecture, and wonders-both manmade and natural, in plenty. The second most populated country, noted for its presence on the foreign, economic, and strategic platforms across the globe, with an eccentric country-wide zeal that’s extraordinary, to say the least- India owns a remarkable combination of a fascinating history, dynamic urban life, cultural heritage, international food, art & architecture, as well as an extensive business offering. There is something for everyone in this country.

MICE Tourism In India Is Going through an Exciting Phase Right Now  The global MICE segment has been growing at an encouraging rate, with Russia, India, and China expected to drive the market in the upcoming times, even though India is considered fairly young in this market.  
Just take into account the most recent data:

  • In its current report, Industry body FICCI noted that MICE tourism in India is moving forward with an 8% growth year-on-year. 
  • India’s hotel sector’s occupancies were inching closer to the 70% mark as of January 2019. 
  • Foreign Tourist Arrival in India registered an improvement of 14% in 2017, as per the latest records of the Indian Ministry of Tourism, with the United States of America being the second largest tourist generating market for India. 

Along with these, consider the fact that there has been an impressive rise in the number of high-end venues and five-star properties across significant destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Goa, Kerala, etc., as well as that of MICE & Destination Management Companies in India.  
Breathtaking destinations, strong infrastructure, increasingly equipped and upgraded service providers- India seems to have a great deal of the things required to make any MICE event a proper success. Plus, there is clear growth to be seen in many dimensions, which proves India’s capability as a MICE-destination.  

What Does This Mean for the Future of MICE Tourism in India? 
As a destination, India has already made its mark for being safe and spectacular.  
2018 in hindsight can be called a year of balanced MICE business for the nation. The uproar of government decisions like demonetization & GST has finally settled down. Business is up, quite literally, thanks to the constant efforts of the government and the upcoming opportunities for international corporate travelers as well as large conglomerates looking for MICE solutions. The airline industry is working hard to add new destinations, make travel more accessible, and shorten the travel time. Personalized experiences, social media, and upgrading technologies like virtual reality are all set to bring about some major changes in the segment. Many Indian destinations are being prepared for a larger MICE business in terms of infrastructure and logistics and tourist attractions.  
I would sum it up by simply stating that 2019 is very likely to be a MICE-dominated year. And, we’re more than ready to face that wave of change. 

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