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How Does the Mega-Trend, Festivalisation of Events, Work for the MICE Community

September 3, 2019 0 Comment

If we evaluate MICE Tourism in India & abroad in the present-day context, it’s clear that engagement is being valued the most. 

This sector is undergoing a major change. Most audiences demand an immersive experience. Even though we’ve been adopting for quite some time now, giving up the traditional event format to offer an informal setting for doing business and networking simultaneously, the fact that the audiences want to be involved in a multi-day spectacle can not be ignored.  As a direct result, “Festivilisation of Events” has surfaced as a gamechanger in the MICE community, gaining popularity ever since its introduction into the limelight. 

What Is Festivilisation of MICE Events, Exactly? 

After being introduced myself to this rather exceptional concept only last year during a networking event, I’ve had the chance to discuss this with several patrons and industry fellows. The general understanding seems to be that the goal of Festivilisation is to resonate with the target audience and engage them by appealing to their interests. 

But, the essence of Festivilising an event lies in the creation of one that the audience wants to attend. When the interactions and engagements are related to a delegate’s interests, it not only makes the event memorable but also invokes desired reactions from those on the receiving end. 

Of course, we must remember that applying the definition of a festival to a corporate event, while a fantastic approach in theory, can be hard to reflect in reality. Throwing in some vague, nice-appearing entertainment factors don’t do the trick here, simply because that isn’t an authentic or original idea and it may cause a disconnect between the attending parties and the event mission thus causing poor returns on that investment.

Festivilisation of an event requires a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the goals of the organizers as well as audiences. What we need is an atmosphere that satisfies the varying interests of multiple parties in a single event, providing a richer experience in the areas of business as well as entertainment. 

How to Do Festivilisation Right? 

Many ideas are being tried all around the world, even inspiring MICE tourism in India and being followed by some of the nation’s best DMCs for foreign nationals, to improve the responses of different MICE event. The following, I’m sure, will help the cause. 

Build a Shared Experience 

Let one part of every event begin with a public gathering, like an opening ceremony of sorts, to increase social media exposure & invite dialogue among a broader audience. 

Offer a Unique Experience 

It could be a special offering every day of a multi-day event. It could be so that every day is organized outdoors in a different part of the city. The point is to entwine the business ongoings with an experience that the delegates will remember for a long time. 

Initiate Brainstorming Sessions 

One or two sessions that simply let the exhibitors come together as a group to discuss approaches and creative stances, giving everybody a chance to meet and talk to people they might not have done otherwise, will help increase overall engagement, no doubt! 

Focus on the Specifics 

Ideal market, specific audience demographics, right destination- selecting these with caution can help create an experience that delivers the requirements of the audiences with an added value. The event should be meaningful to the delegates and at the same time, all its components should tie together to fulfill the desired business objectives. 

In Conclusion 

Festivilisation is a sweeping event trend, no doubt! But, it’s doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s necessary to understand the planning limitations, approach the event design carefully, and create a common layout that serves the purpose of engagement while supporting organizational goals. 


Let me know if you are planning to attend IMEX 2019 from September 10th to 12th at Las Vegas. I am attending and would love to connect with like-minded industry fellows and share ideas. Be sure to book an appointment if you’d like to discuss your event needs or anything related to India or MICE. I’ll be at the India Stand at Booth C4636. 

See you there! Have a Safe journey.

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